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service quality GAP Model

GAP 5: Customer Statisfaction

customer perception( Wahrnehmung) <> customer expectation (Erwartung)

Customer statisfaction is a gap are depending on minimizing gaps 1-4 which are associated with the delivery of service

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Conjoint Analysis?


the most relevant method to estimate the preference score

model preference with linear regression

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use of a conjoint analysis?


product optimization:

you can detect which product properties are how much relevant for the customers. so you can design your product by the highest average value

you can alos compare your product to a competitors product

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yield managment

field of capacity managment?

field of demand management?

managing demand:

  • develop reservations systems
  • establishing price incentives (anreize) 

managing capacity:

  • sheduling work shifts
  • part time employees
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Yield management definition:

„Yield management is a comprehensive system to maximize revenue for capacity-constrainted
services using reservation systems, overbooking, and partitioning demand.“ (cmp.
Bordoloi/Fitzsimmons/fitzsimmons (2019).

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What is a protection level and whats the goal of it?

Protection level is the capacity for each segment

Goal is a optimized protection level for maximising the profit / revenue

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Value Dimension:

  • Functional Value; "saves time"
  • Economic / Financial Value; "saves money"
  • Social value; "i am part of the group"
  • Emotional value; "i feel great when i use it"
  • Conditional value: waaas das?
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Services vs. goods:

Goods = ...

Service = ...

Goods = transfering ownership

Service = renting of ressources