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Service Dominant Logic (SDL)  Definition of Service:

Service is the application of knowledge and skills to provide benefits to others - vargo,lusch

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Definition of manufacturing:

Production of tangibles (Sachgüter) whose ownership is transferred

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Role of service (operations) in an economy VALUE


provider -> value creation -> customer

provideer <- value capture <- customer

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Value creation for the customer:

  • Time saving
  • less work interruptions
  • tool performance increase
  • less organizational effort
  • no internal technician is needed
  • always the newest devices available
  • theft insurance
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value capture for the provider

  • money
  • data collection
  • feedback from customer
  • customer binding / relationship
  • mouth to mouth advertisement
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Characetiristics of Services (IHIP)

  • Intangible (immateriell)
  • Hetereogenenous (heterogen)
  • Instantaneous (Unmittelbar)
  • Perishable (Verdeblich)
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Service Quality - 5 Dimensions:


  • Reliability (Verlässlichkeit)
  • Responsivness (Anprechbarkeit)
  • Assurance (Sicherheit)
  • Empathy (Einfühlsvermögen)
  • Tangibles (Sachlichkeit)


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Service Encounter:

  • Moments of Truth in the customer journey

MoT = Steps in the customer journey where a lasting impression arise


When you will provide a service over a series of steps -> design customer journey and the dramatic arc

Be there when help is needed that will exceed the positiv thinking of you -> MoT