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Network components


  • main road
  • freeway
  • link road
  • local street
  • etc...


  • Stop sign
  • Overpass
  • Ramp
  • Level crossing
  • Traffic light
  • stop sign
  • roundabout
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Levels of automation

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Definition of telematics

  • Telematics
    - IT: Information Technologies
    - Communications
    - Hardware/Software
  • Long distance transmission of data and computerized information
  • Sensor, road network instrumentation, wireless communications
  • Algorithms for traffic estimation, prediction and traffic management
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Measurement methods


  • ...at a (cross-sectional) point
  • ...along a short distance
  • ...along a length
  • ...along an arterial or small area (by e.g. moving observer method)

other real-time large-scale monitoring methods

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Data fusion

  • the process of combining data from multiple, heterogeneous data sources such as cross-sectional data, floating-car data, police reports, etc.
  • each of these categories of data describes different aspects of the traffic situation and might even contradict each other
  • the goal of data fusion is to maximize the utility of the available information
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Autonomous vehicles - Challenges

  • Autonomous/connected vehicles and planning models
  • Implications to traffic flow and operations
  • Simulation: traffic, wireless communications
  • Trajectory processor for particle-based simulators
  • Lane changing in connected environment: game theory
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Loop signatures

Vehicle classification:

Different types show distinct signature data

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Traffic stream - definition

Basic independent control unit.

  • At least
    • 1 Detecting element
    • 1 Display element
  • Possible traffic streams
    • Automobile traffic
    • Bus transit
    • Light rail transit
    • Pedestrians
    • Bicyclists
    • Emergency vehicles