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The hip bones consist of 4 bones 

  • 2 hip bones
  • Sacrum
  • Coccyx
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The hip bone is composed of what 3 divisions?

  1. ilium
  2. Ischium
  3. Pubis
In a child these three divisions are separate bones but fuse into 1 bone  in the middle teens. The fusion occurs at the acetabulu
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The Ilium is located             To the acetabulum


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The ischium is       And      To the acetabulum

Inferior and Posterior 

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The pubis is     And     To the acetabulum 

Inferior and Anterior

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The crest (iliac crest) of the ilium is the superior margin of the ala; it extends from the Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (ASIS) to the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine (PSIS)

iliac Crest

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What are the 2  important positioning landmarks of the pelvis?

  • Iliac Crest
  • ASIS
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What do ASIS mean?

Anterior Superior Iliac Spine
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Angle of neck to shaft

  • Avg adult= 125 degrees (+/-15) depending on width of pelvis and length of lower limb
  • Ex:Long-leg/narrow pelvis-changes angle of neck to 140 degrees
  • Ex: short/wider pelvis- angle 110 to 115 degrees
Tall/Narrow ⬆️ AngleShorter/Wider ⬇️ Angle
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Longitudinal plane of femur

  • 10 degree from verticle
  • Vertical angle is nearer 15 degrees on wide pelvis/Short Limb ➡️ 5 degrees on long leg person
*This angle affects the positioning and CR angle for lateral knee ( CR 5 to 7 degrees cephalad)
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Head and neck in relation to body of femur

  • 15 to 20 degrees anterior angle
  • Head projects anteriorly/ forward
  • In positioning femur must be rotated 15 to 20 degrees.This place for femoral neck parallel to the IR for true AP projection of the proximal femur
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What is the meaning of the word pelvis?

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The greater trochanter is located     And    To the femoral shaft 

  • Superiority
  • Laterally 
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Lesser trochanter projects      And    From the junction of the neck and shaft of femur

  • Medially 
  • Postetiorly
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The trochanter are joined posteriorly by a thick ridge called        

Intertrochanter crest