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Which of the following charts provides a useful means for displaying data over time?

Scatter chart

A doughnut chart

Pie chart

Line chart

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Which of the following charts shows three-dimensional data?

Surface chart

Column chart

Stock chart

Doughnut chart

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The purpose of sampling is to ________.

enumerate all the values in the population

measure all items of interest for a particular interest or investigation

obtain sufficient information to draw a valid inference about a population

calculate all variables and observations within a population

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In statistical notation, the elements of a data set are typically labeled as ________.

summation operators

letters in capitals

Greek letters

subscripted variables

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According to statistical notations, what does Σ stand for?

to act as a summation operator

to represent sample statistics

to represent population measures

to represent the number of items in a population

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Which of the following measures of location is calculated using the formula in the picture below, where is the number of observations? 


sample mean



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Which of the following is true for a median? 

A median is only meaningful for interval or ordinal data and not for ratio data.

Medians can be calculated no matter how the data is arranged.

Medians are affected by outliers.

For an even number of observations, the median is the mean of the two middle numbers.

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Which of the following is a difference between a mean and a median?

A mean divides the data half above it and half below it; a median does not.

A median is not affected by outliers; a mean is affected by outliers.

A mean is an observation that occurs most frequently; a median is the average of all observations.

A median is not meaningful for ratio data; a mean is meaningful to ratio data.