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Descriptive analytics ...

... can predict risk and find relationships in data not readily apparent with traditional analyses.

... helps companies classify their customers into segments to develop specific marketing campaigns.

... helps detect hidden patterns in large quantities of data to group data into sets to predict behavior.

... can use mathematical techniques with optimization to make decisions that take into account the uncertainty in the data.

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Which of the following is an example of a measure of continuous metrics? 

four errors revealed in an invoice

a delivery delayed by seven days

weight and volume of a sheet of steel

three incomplete orders on a day

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Which of the following is the mathematical model for deriving total cost of only manufacturing? 

TC = VC + (C × Q)

TC = F + (C × Q)

TC = F + C

TC = F + (V × Q)

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Which of the following ways would 102 × 53/100 - 73 be represented in an Excel spreadsheet?

10(2) * 5(3) / 100 ^ 73

10(2) ^ 5(3) / 100 - 73

10^2 * 5^3 / 100 - 73

10*2 ^ 5*3 / 100 - 73

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Below is the spreadsheet for demand prediction of a company that sells chocolates.

Given that D = a-bP, where D, is demand, "a" and "b," are linear constants, and P, is price, from the below spreadsheet, how will the formula in B9 be represented in Excel using relative addressing? 





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Which EXCEL function is used to find the largest value in a range of cells?




COUNTIF(range, criteria)

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________ is a logical function that returns one value if the condition is true and another if the condition is false.

OR(condition 1, condition 2…)

AND(condition 1, condition 2…)

TO(value if true, value if false)

IF(condition, value if true, value if false)

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 If cell G7 contains the function ________, it states that if the value in cell C3 is 9, the number 7 will be assigned to cell G7; if the value in cell C3 is not 9, the number 4 will be assigned to cell G7.





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Which of the following charts provides a useful means for displaying data over time?

Scatter chart

A doughnut chart

Pie chart

Line chart

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Which of the following charts shows three-dimensional data?

Surface chart

Column chart

Stock chart

Doughnut chart

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The purpose of sampling is to ________.

enumerate all the values in the population

measure all items of interest for a particular interest or investigation

obtain sufficient information to draw a valid inference about a population

calculate all variables and observations within a population

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In statistical notation, the elements of a data set are typically labeled as ________.

summation operators

letters in capitals

Greek letters

subscripted variables

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According to statistical notations, what does Σ stand for?

to act as a summation operator

to represent sample statistics

to represent population measures

to represent the number of items in a population

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Which of the following measures of location is calculated using the formula in the picture below, where is the number of observations? 


sample mean



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Which of the following is true for a median? 

A median is only meaningful for interval or ordinal data and not for ratio data.

Medians can be calculated no matter how the data is arranged.

Medians are affected by outliers.

For an even number of observations, the median is the mean of the two middle numbers.

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Which of the following is a difference between a mean and a median?

A mean divides the data half above it and half below it; a median does not.

A median is not affected by outliers; a mean is affected by outliers.

A mean is an observation that occurs most frequently; a median is the average of all observations.

A median is not meaningful for ratio data; a mean is meaningful to ratio data.

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Which of the following is an example of a measure of dispersion?





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________ states that for any set of data, the proportion of values that lie within k standard deviations (k > 1) of the mean is at least 1 - 1/k2.

Prime number theorem

Bertrand's postulate

Oppermann's conjecture

Chebyshev's theorem

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What is the formula for a z-score equation for the ith observation?

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See picture:

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In finance, the ________ is the ratio of a fund's excess returns (annualized total returns minus Treasury bill returns) to its standard deviation.

field ratio

Sortino ratio

Calmar ratio

Sharpe ratio

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Calculate the coefficient of variation from the following data: 

z-score = 1.32; standard deviation = 0.173; mean = 4.7; total variation = 0.6





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The ________ measures the degree of asymmetry of observations around the mean.

coefficient of variation

return to risk factor

coefficient of skewness

coefficient of kurtosis

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________ is a measure of the linear association between two variables, X and Y





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A ________ is a description of the approach that is used to obtain samples from a population prior to any data collection activity. 

population frame

sampling weight

sampling plan

probability interval

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________ involves selecting items from a population so that every subset of a given size has an equal chance of being selected.

Convenience sampling

Subjective sampling

Judgment sampling

Simple random sampling

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________ sampling applies to populations that are divided into natural subsets and allocates the appropriate proportion of samples to each subset.




Continuous process

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A(n) ________ is a single number derived from sample data that is used to estimate the value of a population parameter.

confidence interval

frequentist interference

interval estimate

point estimate

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Which of the following is true of an unbiased estimator value?

The expected value will align perfectly with the population mean.

The expected value will not equal the population's parameters.

The expected value will not be greater than zero.

The expected value will equal the population's parameter.

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Which of the following is implied from the standard error of the mean formula?

that true means of populations can be found easier than those of samples

that standard deviation increases with increase in sample size

that larger sample sizes provide greater accuracy in estimating the true population mean

that the true mean of the population can only be calculated using smaller sample sizes

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A ________ is one that provides a range for anticipating the value of a new observation from the same population.

prediction interval

confidence interval


standard normal distribution