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Definition of the web

One of the internet most popular services


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Evolution of the internet?

Phase 1: Innovation phase (1961)

- fundamental building blocks of the Internet (packet-switching hardware, IP, client server computing)

Phase 2: Institutionalization (1995)

- large instututions provide funding for fledging internet, evolution of civilian internet

- beginning of e-commerce

Phase 3: Commercialisation (1995)

- private corporations take over internet, expansion of the internet beyond military instututions and college campus

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Key technological concepts:

Definition of packet switching?

A method of slicing digital messages into packets, sending the packets along different communication paths as they become available, and then reassembling the packets once they arrive at their destination

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What are the key technological concepts?

- Packet switching

- TCP / IP (transmission control protocol / internet protocol)

- IP Adresses

- Domain names

- Client / server 

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Key technological concepts:

Definition of TCP / IP

TCP: breaks data into packets and resembles it. IP provides the internets addressing scheme for the travel from one router to another.

Protocol: set of rules and standards for data transfers

TCP: core communications protocol for the Internet. establishes connections among sending and receiving computers and
handles assembly and reassembly of packets

IP: provides the Internet’s addressing scheme and is responsible for delivery of packets

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Key technological concepts

Definition of IP-Address

IP: provides the Internet’s addressing scheme and is responsible for delivery of packets

IP-Address: unique identifier to communicate over network

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Key tech concepts:

Definition of Domain names / Domain name system

Domain name: IP address expressed in natural language

Domain name system: system for expressing numeric IP addresses in natural language


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Key technological concepts:

Definition of Client / Server computing

Client / Server computing: A model of computing in which client computers are connected in a network together with one or more servers

Benefit: easy to expand capacity by adding servers or clients