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Explain the terms emplyoment and unemlployment

Employment is the number of people currently employed in the economy, either full time or part time. On the other hand, unemployment is defined as the total number of people who are actively looking for work but aren’t currently employed. That means, just because a person isn’t working doesn’t mean that we consider that person unemployed

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Explain the term labor force and the labor force participation rate

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A country’s labor force is the sum of employment and unemployment, whereas the labor force participation rate is the percentage of the  population aged 16 or older that is in the labor force (either employed or unemployed).

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Explain the term unemployment rate

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The unemployment rate is the percentage of the total number of people in the labor force who are unemployed.

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Explain why it is impossible, that the unemployment rate falls to zero.

If you are searching for work, it’s normal to take at least a few weeks to find a suitable job. Yet a worker who is quite confident of finding a job, but has not yet accepted a position, is counted as unemployed. As a consequence, the unemployment rate never falls to zero, even in boom times when jobs are plentiful.

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Explain the term discourage workers

Discouraged workers are nonworking people who are capable of working but have given up looking for a job given the state of the job market (e.g. no suitable jobs are currently available). They don't get counted as unemployed!

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Explain the term marginally attached workers

Marginally attached workers would like to be employed and have looked for a  job in the recent past but are not currently looking for work. Discouraged workers are part of this group. They don't get counted as unemployed!

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Explain the term underenmployed workers

Workers who would like to find full-time jobs buta re currently working part time because they can't find a suitable job.  They don't get counted as unemployed!

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The unemployment number usually quoted in the news media counts someone as unemployed only if he or she has been looking for work during the past __________.


two weeks

three weeks

four weeks

five weeks