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What does the integrity of information mean?

It means that the access to the information is limited.

. It means that the information can be accessed by those users who are allowed to access it.

It means that the information is accurate

It means that the information is protected.

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What is a main challenge for enterprises in using cell phones for collaboration?

Applications for collaboration are limited

Collaborative applications are complicated

Employees want to use their private cell phones.

Separating business data from personal data

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What is the principal function of the Hypervisor?

identity management

responding to client requests

scheduling the sharing of resources

virus protection

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How can a protocol analyzer be used?

to analyze errors in the protocol syntax used in a failed message

to distribute messages according to the addressing protocol they use

. to measure the bandwidth required for different types of transactions

to prevent virus infections in the network software

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What is specific for public cloud?

It is a client computer connected to a network

It uses both local and remote services in its implementation

It uses services provided by an external service provider.

The services are shared in the organization.

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Why is a thin client called 'thin'?

because it has a thin monitor

because it has limited functionality

. because it has no memory

because it has no processor

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Providing a user access to an application in the Cloud requires several steps. In which step are the user's permissions determined?

during the auditing phase

during the authentication phase

during the authorization phase

during the verification phase

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What was a serious drawback in the early development of networks?

A. computers being dedicated to one function

computers were too complicated to be connected

the low speed of the network

vendors developing their own network communication protocols