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What is the implication on storage availability of moving to a Cloud environment?

storage capability can be easily added

storage capability is expensive

storage capability is limited

storage capability needs to be integrated

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What is the single point of truth in a Claim-based identity management solution?

the cloud application

the Hypervisor

the identity provider

the server hosting the application

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What are the functions supported by HTTP?

Command Fill Add Use

Get Post Put Delete

Order Retrieve Send Replace

Receive View Select Send

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What is a key advantage of a content management system?

It distributes content to users.

It is a management system for distributed computer environments

. It provides the possibility to connect to multiple web-sites without using a password.

. It reduces repetitive duplicate input.

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What is an important environment related benefit of Cloud?

fewer requirements for power capabilities

highly protected data

independency from the Internet

small bandwidth

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What is an important limitation of Cloud computing?

actuality of data


regulatory concerns

volume of waste

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Which technique allows multiple operating systems to run on a single host computer?





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What is a benefit of virtual client operating systems in protection against virus infections?

A virus infection in one operating system will not infect the other operating systems.

One virus scanner on a client operating system will protect all other operating systems.

The client operating systems are virtual and cannot be infected from outside

The client operating systems can be protected by the virus scanner of the host operating system.