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Why is text messaging in automobiles outlawed in many countries?

for financial reasons

for safety reasons

for security reasons

for synchronization reasons

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In evaluating a Cloud service provider, which security issue is important?

how the service provider implements and maintains security

the compatibility of the virus scanners used by the vendor and in your organization

the protection provided by your organization's firewall

the security protocols used by other customers of the services

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What is the main tool for users accessing the Cloud?

remote desktop

. the firewall

the web-browser

. the web-server

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What is the most important feature of a virtualized environment?

Multiple applications can be used by a single user

. Multiple computers can be connected to a single network

Multiple operating systems can be used on a single hardware platform

Multiple users can be active on a single network.

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What is a main benefit of a Thin Client?

Access to suspicious web sites can be locked.

Access to web applications can easily be restricted.

Users can login from any location they want.

Users cannot install unauthorized or risky software.

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What is an example of the implementation of federation?

driver's license


. information card

iris scan

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Why can virus scanning software not run directly on the hypervisor?

. because the hypervisor is hidden software

because the hypervisor only guests other operating systems

. because the hypervisor runs on a serve

because the hypervisor starts up before the virus scanning software

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What is Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM)?

a management system for distributed computer environments

a protocol to manage all web-based applications of an enterprise

a set of management standards based on Internet standards

a web-based application to manage the enterprise resources