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What is the international standard for IT Service Management processes?

ISO 9001

. ISO 14001

ISO/IEC 20000

. ISO/IEC 27001

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What does the abbreviation IPsec mean?

. Internet Protocol Security

Internet Private Section

. Intelligent Protocol Seconds

. Second Internet Protocol

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What is an important environment related benefit of Cloud?

Greater data protection

Reduced dependency on the Internet

. Reduced power requirements

Smaller bandwidth consumption

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What do we call the threat of data compromised due to unauthorized access?

Account service and traffic hijacking

Data loss/leakage

Insecure application interfaces

. Shared technology vulnerabilities

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What is an important benefit of using a hybrid model for cloud services?

It allows the purchaser to save money in infrastructure and licenses.

. It allows the separation of sensitive data from less sensitive data.

It provides better performance.

It provides the best client/server experience in a cloud environment.

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What describes a serious drawback in the early development of networks?

Computers were dedicated to one function.

Computers were too complicated to be connected.

There was low network speed

Vendors developed their own network communication protocols.

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In evaluating a Cloud service provider and as part of a proper governance framework, what is required for compliance?

Exception reports

. Management reviews

Performance reports

Statement on Auditing Standards

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Who is responsible for securing Cloud user data?

The cloud provider

The cloud user

Both the cloud provider and the cloud user

The Internet provider