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What is a specific feature of Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

NAS presents data to the user as if it is stored on a file serve

NAS uses the file system of the client computers

The NAS operating system does not provide security features

With NAS the file system is managed by the servers storing the data

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What is OpenID used for?

to connect to multiple web-sites without using a password

. to identify yourself in dealing on-line with government agencies

. to pay on-line via your own bank account

. to use one account to sign in to multiple web sites

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How can moving to Cloud computing increase user satisfaction?

by accomplishing quick and efficient release of applications

by increasing the access to information available on the Internet

by moving internal systems with performance problems to the Cloud

by passing problems with applications to the Cloud provider

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Why became the Ethernet standard popular for Local Area Networks (LANs)?

because the Ethernet standard was fastest

because the Ethernet standard was released for general use

. because the Ethernet standard was suitable for mainframes

. because the Ethernet standard was used by the largest vendor

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What is an example of the use of location information?

to determine the user's native language

to determine whether the user is connected via a mobile platform

to provide advertisements for local restaurants, determined by GPS

. to provide the correct version of the application for the user's operating system

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What is the generally accepted communication protocol on the Internet?

. Net BIOS




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What is an economic cloud solution for a short term project like a one time application design?


Software as-a-Service



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What may be an economic benefit of Cloud computing?

a custom accounting system

acceptance by employees

purchasing thin clients

reduced overhead

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What does the integrity of information mean?

It means that the access to the information is limited.

. It means that the information can be accessed by those users who are allowed to access it.

It means that the information is accurate

It means that the information is protected.

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What is a main challenge for enterprises in using cell phones for collaboration?

Applications for collaboration are limited

Collaborative applications are complicated

Employees want to use their private cell phones.

Separating business data from personal data

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What is the principal function of the Hypervisor?

identity management

responding to client requests

scheduling the sharing of resources

virus protection

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How can a protocol analyzer be used?

to analyze errors in the protocol syntax used in a failed message

to distribute messages according to the addressing protocol they use

. to measure the bandwidth required for different types of transactions

to prevent virus infections in the network software

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What is specific for public cloud?

It is a client computer connected to a network

It uses both local and remote services in its implementation

It uses services provided by an external service provider.

The services are shared in the organization.

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Why is a thin client called 'thin'?

because it has a thin monitor

because it has limited functionality

. because it has no memory

because it has no processor

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Providing a user access to an application in the Cloud requires several steps. In which step are the user's permissions determined?

during the auditing phase

during the authentication phase

during the authorization phase

during the verification phase

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What was a serious drawback in the early development of networks?

A. computers being dedicated to one function

computers were too complicated to be connected

the low speed of the network

vendors developing their own network communication protocols

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Why is text messaging in automobiles outlawed in many countries?

for financial reasons

for safety reasons

for security reasons

for synchronization reasons

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In evaluating a Cloud service provider, which security issue is important?

how the service provider implements and maintains security

the compatibility of the virus scanners used by the vendor and in your organization

the protection provided by your organization's firewall

the security protocols used by other customers of the services

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What is the main tool for users accessing the Cloud?

remote desktop

. the firewall

the web-browser

. the web-server

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What is the most important feature of a virtualized environment?

Multiple applications can be used by a single user

. Multiple computers can be connected to a single network

Multiple operating systems can be used on a single hardware platform

Multiple users can be active on a single network.

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What is a main benefit of a Thin Client?

Access to suspicious web sites can be locked.

Access to web applications can easily be restricted.

Users can login from any location they want.

Users cannot install unauthorized or risky software.

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What is an example of the implementation of federation?

driver's license


. information card

iris scan

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Why can virus scanning software not run directly on the hypervisor?

. because the hypervisor is hidden software

because the hypervisor only guests other operating systems

. because the hypervisor runs on a serve

because the hypervisor starts up before the virus scanning software

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What is Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM)?

a management system for distributed computer environments

a protocol to manage all web-based applications of an enterprise

a set of management standards based on Internet standards

a web-based application to manage the enterprise resources

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What is the implication on storage availability of moving to a Cloud environment?

storage capability can be easily added

storage capability is expensive

storage capability is limited

storage capability needs to be integrated

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What is the single point of truth in a Claim-based identity management solution?

the cloud application

the Hypervisor

the identity provider

the server hosting the application

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What are the functions supported by HTTP?

Command Fill Add Use

Get Post Put Delete

Order Retrieve Send Replace

Receive View Select Send

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What is a key advantage of a content management system?

It distributes content to users.

It is a management system for distributed computer environments

. It provides the possibility to connect to multiple web-sites without using a password.

. It reduces repetitive duplicate input.

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What is an important environment related benefit of Cloud?

fewer requirements for power capabilities

highly protected data

independency from the Internet

small bandwidth

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What is an important limitation of Cloud computing?

actuality of data


regulatory concerns

volume of waste