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Maximum T/O Landing Tailwind Component

15 knots
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Severe Turbulent Air Penetration Speed

270 knots below 25.000ft
280 or M.82 above 25.000ft (whichever lower)
min 15kt above min maneuvering speed below M.82

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Non AFM Limitations (HF, WX Radar)

Do not operate HF radios during refueling

Avoid WX Radar operation in a hangar

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Autopilot Limitaions

must not be engaged below 200ft AGL after T/O

must be disengaged below 200ft without LAND2/LAND3

must be disengaged below 80ft with LAND2/LAND3 on Cat1 ILS

do not select FLCH after T/O with 1 eng failed until FLaps are UP and Speed is VREF30+80 or greater

do not use AP below 100ft RA at pressure ALT above 8400ft

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Maximum Windspeeds for AUTOMATIC Landing

Headwind 25kts

XWind 25 kts (USA15kts)

Tailwind 15 kts

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Glidesplope Angle AUTOMATIC Landing

min 2.5°

max 3.25°

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FLCH Limitations

Do not use on final Appr below 1000ft AFE

do not select with OEI TO before FLaps up and speed is vref30+80 or greater

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Reverse Thrust Limitations

for Ground Ops only

Intentional Selecting in FLight prohibited

Backing the AC by use of thrust reverse is prohibided