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Whats Risk Deterrence 

Deterrence: Abschreckung

security cameras, security guards, instructional signage

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Whats Risk avoidance

selecting alternate options or activities that have less associated risk than the default e.g.: removing the FTP protocol from a server to avoid FTP attacks.

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Whats Risk Rejection

to reject risk or ignore risk. 

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Whats Residual risk

  • once a countermeasure is implemented the risk that remains is called a residual risk. 
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What is the Patriot act

  • the way government agencies obtain wiretapping authorizations
  • allow authorities to obtain a blanket authorization for a person and then monitor all communications to or from that person under the single warrant.
  • ISPs may have to provide the government with a large range of information.

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What is the European Union General Data Protection Regulation

  • The new law applies to all organizations that collect data from EU residents or process that information on behalf of someone who collects it.
  • The law even applies to organizations that are not based in the EU, if they collect information about EU residents.
  • The ability of the EU to enforce this law globally remains an open question
  • A data breach notification requirement that mandates that companies inform authorities of serious data breaches within 24 hours
  • The creation of centralized data protection authorities in each EU member state
  • Provisions that individuals will have access to their own data
  • Data portability provisions that will facilitate the transfer of personal information between service providers at the individual’s request
  • The “right to be forgotten” that allows people to require companies to delete their information if it is no longer needed

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What does STRIDE stand for

STRIDE is a model of threats

Spoofing: attack with the goal to gain access and target the system with a falsified identity

Tampering: unauthorized change or manipulation of data whether in transit or storage, to falsify communication or alter  static information

Repudiation: The ability of an attacker to deny having performed an action or activity

Information disclosure: the revelation or distribution of private, confidential, or controlled information to external or unauthorized entities.

Denial of Service (DoS): prevents use of a resource, could reduce throughput or introduce latency in order to hamper productive use of a service

Elevation of privilege:  transform a limited use account into an account with greater privileges, powers and access.

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What is a Threat and what does it involve?

Any potential danger to an asset done intentional or accidental

Threat actor: intentionally exploits vulnerabilities, Script kiddies, Organized crime groups, state sponsor and governments, Hacktivists, Terrorist groups,

Threat intelligence: knowledge about an existing or emerging threat  to assets including networks and systems.

Threat event: accidental and intentional exploits of vulnerabilities.