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What different ways of data removing/erasing are possible

Erasing: only link to the data is removed, actual data remains on the drive

Clearing: Clearing or Overwriting is a process to preparing media for reuse and make sure that deleted data can not be recovered using traditional tools,

Purging: more intense from of clearing used in less secure environments

Degaussing: erasing data with a strong magnetic field from, does not affect CDs, DVDs and SSDs

Destruction: Destroy it in a way that it cannot be repaired.

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How does the CIA triad look like?

a triad of 



Integrity                  Availability

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Describe Integrty in the context of the CIA triad

Protecting the reliability and correctness of data

  • Prevents unauthorized alterations of data
  • Only authorized subjects can modify the data
  • Alternations should not occur while the object is in storage, transit, or process

Data integrity implies information is known to be good, and the information can be trusted as being complete, consistent and accurate

System integrity implies that a system will work as it is intended to.

Examples: intrusion detection systems, hash verification

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Describe availability in the context of the CIA triad

Authorized subjects are granted unlimited and uninterrupted access to objects.

Examples: Redundancy, maintain reliable backups, prevent data loss or destruction

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Describe Confidentiality in the context of the CIA triad

Prevent or minimize unauthorized access to data. Allow authorized users access to the data and prevent it for everyone else.

Examples: encryption, access control

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Describe Nonrepudiation & accountability

Nonrepudiation: records all actions, so that who caused the event cannot deny it was done by him/her

Accountability: Being responsible or obligated for actions and results

Examples: Nonrepudiation can be established using digital certificates, session identifiers, transaction logs.

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Describe Copyright and how its used

  • Protection against unauthorized dupliction
  • Eight broad categories of works qualify for copyright protection. (Literary, musical, dramatic choreographic, graphical/sculptural works, audiovisual works, sound recordings, architectural works)
  • Copyright only protects the acutal code but not the idea behind the code, means rewriting is allowed
  • The copyright exists once something is created, it must not be registered, if you can prove in court that you were the creator of a work you will be protected under copyright law.
  • You can mark your work with the copyright symbol (©) to protect it.
  • Works by one or more authors are protected until 70 years after the death of the last surviving author.
  • A work is considered “for hire” when it is made for an employer during the normal course of an employee’s workday.
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Describe Trademarks and how they are used

  • Words, slogans and logos identifing a company
  • No need to register them
  • ™ Symbol is used to mark protected words or slogans
  • For official recognition it can be register at the «Eidgenössisches Institut für Geistiges Eigentum»