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How does a DNS zone transfer attack work and why can it be harmfull

A DNS Zone transfer is a process where one DNS server copys parts of its databse to another DNS. This helps to have more than one server which can answer questions about a zone. The slaves ask for a copy by the master.

A DNS Zone transfer attack, is that you pretend to be a slave an get a copy of the DNS zone records. 

Risk: The zone records, show a lot of internal topology information about the network, if someone wants to subvert (untergraben) the DNS with spoofing (falsche Identität verwenden) and poisoning, this is very helpful.

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What is Red Team in the context of Cybersecurity

Offensive Cybersecurity, focus on penetration testing, assume the role of a hacker, show organizations what could be backdoors or exploits, common practice is that they are outside of the organization.

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What is Blue Team in the context of Cybersecurity

Defensive Cybersecurity, Assessment (Bewertung) of network security, identification of possible vulnerabilities, find ways to defend, change and re-group defence mechanisms to make incidents responses much stronger. They are continuously improving the digital security infrastructure using security audits, log and memory analysis, pcap, risk intelligence data

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Whats the idea behind risk management?

Reduce risk and support the mission of the organization.

  • It is impossible to design a risk-free environment
  • Significant risk reduction is possible often with little effort


  • Identifying factors that could damage or disclose data
  • Evaluating those factors in light of data value and countermeasure (Gegenmassnahme) cost
  • Implementing cost-effective solutions for mitigating(mildern) or reducing risks
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Whats part of a risk analysis?

  • Evaluation, assessment, and the assignment of value for all assets of an organization
  • Examining (untersuchen) an environment for risks
  • Evaluating each threat event as to its likelihood of occurring and the cost of damage it would cause if it did occur
  • Assessing (bewerten) the cost of various countermeasures for each risk and creating a cost benefit report for safeguards to present upper management
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Whats Risk mitigation?

reducing risk, implementation of safeguards and countermeasures to eliminate vulnerabilities

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Whats Risk assignment

moving risk to another entity or organization

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Whats Risk acceptance

risk tolerance, cost/benefit analysis shows that countermeasure costs too much