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I made the decision to go to university after all
decided to do

What I decided to do was go to university after all.
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I´m really bad at remembering people´s names when I meet them
memory for

I have a bad memory for peoople´s name when I meet them.
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He lost his job because he was inefficient
on the grounds of

He lost his job on the grounds of
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I´m sorry that I didn´t helt him
regret not helping

I regret not helping him
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I couldn´t go away for the weekend because I didn´t have enought money
prevented to

I was prevented to stay at home for the weekende by lack of money.
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Jane was adviseed to work harder by her Math teacher
reccommended to s.o. for doing sth.

The Maths teacher recommended to Jane for working harder.
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This was Peter´s biggest challange to date
faced with

Peter had never faced with such a big challenge before.
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I wish I had tried harder when I was at school
regret not trying harder

I really regret not trying harder when I was at school