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I expect I´ll leave home before I´m twenty.
by time

I expect I will leave home by time.
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I know that I´ll find the right job soon.
matter of

I know it is a matter of time before I find the right job.
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confidently expect
are sure

They are sure the broadcast will go ahead at 6pm.
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I´m sure he´ll get a promotion very soon
take long until/before

I´m sure it won´t take long until/before he gets a promotion.
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I have decided to make a definite plan for my future career.
I am going

What I am going to do is make a definite plan for my fure career.
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People will always want entetrainment providing that they have the time to enjoy it.
as long as

There will always be a need for entertainment as long as people have the time to enjoy it.
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Scientist have mad an unexpected discovery in the treatment of cancer
a breakthrough

There has been a breakthourh in the treatment of cancer
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I thought very hard but couldn´t remember the answer
racked my brain

I racked my brain to remember the answer.
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I made the decision to go to university after all
decided to do

What I decided to do was go to university after all.
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I´m really bad at remembering people´s names when I meet them
memory for

I have a bad memory for peoople´s name when I meet them.
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He lost his job because he was inefficient
on the grounds of

He lost his job on the grounds of
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I´m sorry that I didn´t helt him
regret not helping

I regret not helping him
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I couldn´t go away for the weekend because I didn´t have enought money
prevented to

I was prevented to stay at home for the weekende by lack of money.
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Jane was adviseed to work harder by her Math teacher
reccommended to s.o. for doing sth.

The Maths teacher recommended to Jane for working harder.
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This was Peter´s biggest challange to date
faced with

Peter had never faced with such a big challenge before.
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I wish I had tried harder when I was at school
regret not trying harder

I really regret not trying harder when I was at school
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I wish people wouldn´t talk during the performance - it makes me realy uptight
gets on my nerves

It really gets on my nerves when people talk during a performance
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He is so ambitious - he´s determindes that he´ll be successful in the company
to make a mark

He is determinded to make a mark in the company
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Can you suggest a way of turning dreams into reality for ambitous people?
to make s.th. become true

Can you suggest how to make dreams become true for ambitious people?
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Those working with pre-school ages children will probably find the course interesting
to be of interest to

The course is likely to be of interest to those working with pre-school age children.
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During the winter I prefer watching football to playing it
would sooner

During the winter I would sooner watch footbool than play it
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Students wishing to enrol on the course should complete all section of the application form
are required to

Students wishing to enrol on the course are required to fill in all sections of the application
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It´s a long walk home, so I advise you not to miss the last train
you had better not

It´s a long walk home so you had better not miss the last train.