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I expect I´ll leave home before I´m twenty.
by time

I expect I will leave home by time.
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I know that I´ll find the right job soon.
matter of

I know it is a matter of time before I find the right job.
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confidently expect
are sure

They are sure the broadcast will go ahead at 6pm.
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I´m sure he´ll get a promotion very soon
take long until/before

I´m sure it won´t take long until/before he gets a promotion.
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I have decided to make a definite plan for my future career.
I am going

What I am going to do is make a definite plan for my fure career.
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People will always want entetrainment providing that they have the time to enjoy it.
as long as

There will always be a need for entertainment as long as people have the time to enjoy it.
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Scientist have mad an unexpected discovery in the treatment of cancer
a breakthrough

There has been a breakthourh in the treatment of cancer
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I thought very hard but couldn´t remember the answer
racked my brain

I racked my brain to remember the answer.