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34. Select the option that best fits this description: A tab on the Calibration Template that consists of two fields where you name the template and select the performance evaluation period that will be calibrated.
Please choose the correct answer.



Executive View


Basic Info

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35. The "Mass Assign" icon on a goal plan allows a specific type of goal to be created. What type of goal is this?
Please choose the correct answer.

Group Goal 1.0

Beta Goal import

Cascading goal

Personal goal

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36. During Complete 360 Evaluations process, who evaluate your performance?
Please choose the correct answer.





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37. Which of the following establish the workflow and steps that employees must follow during the performance review process?
Please choose the correct answer.

Performance Review Sections

Calibration Process

Route Maps

Calibration Sessions

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38. Which of the following options are method for creating a route map in the SAP SuccessFactors system?
There are 2 correct answers to this question.

Build from Provisioning (the back-end)

Build your own from a blank template

Add from the Success Store

Import a CSV file

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39. The End of Life for Goal Management V11 is currently scheduled to occur in 2018. If customers have not activated Goal Management V12 by the End of Life date what will happen?
Please choose the correct answer.

Users will no longer be able to access their goal plans.

Goal plan data will no longer appear on performance forms.

All existing goal plans and associated data will be purged from customer instances.

Customers will automatically be upgraded to Goal Management V12 with no loss of functionality.

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40. Select the function that best corresponds to the description: User who needs an aggregate view of several calibration sessions but who does not have to be present in each session.
Please choose the correct answer.

Executive Dashboard

Executive Review

Calibration Ownership

Calibration Dashboard

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41. Where do you enable the spell check feature for a Performance Management Form template?
There are 2 correct answers to this question.

In the Meta section of the form template

In Provisioning -> Company Settings

In Admin Tools -> Form Template Settings

In Provisioning -> Form Template Administration