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121. How many rating scales can you use in a Performance torn?
Please choose the correct answer.

One per form

An unlimited number using an if-then-else rule in the xml

One per ratable item

One per ratable sections

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122. Select the option that best fits this description: A global setting for calibration sessions that allows managers to initiate calibration sessions on their own.
Please choose the correct answer

Restrict Calibration Role Access by Target Population

Show In-Progress Moderation Ratings in Live Profile

Enable Reverse Scale

Enable Enforce Comment Option in Views

Enable Manager Moderation Session

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123. What is the name of the permissions model that customers are encouraged to adopt?



Role Based



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124. Select the option below that fits this description: A Detailed 360 Report that provides an overview rating of each individual competency or goal that was rated.


Rank View

Blind Spots

Gap Analysis

Hidden Strengths

Graphical Summary Report