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Which statements on Switzerland in the field of digitalization are correct? (On the text "Executive Summary Framework Conditions of the Digital Economy")

The digitalization carries almost no risks, it is advantageous for everyone.

The digitization mainly concerns the service sector. Craft businesses such as a carpenter's workshop are not affected by this.

The topic "Sharing Economy" is often associated with digitalization and represents a new business model that focuses primarily on exchange.

Digitalization will require different skills from employees in the future.

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Which of the following statements apply to the business model canvas?


The business model Canvas is industry-specific and can only be used meaningfully for IT-based business models.

The business model canvas contains information on key partnerships and key resources.

The Business Model Canvas is a way to record the most important cornerstones of a business model.

The business model canvas is a mandatory basis for formulating a corporate strategy.

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Which of the following statements on IT management are correct?

Organizations that have an external partner for their IT do not have to worry about IT management themselves.

An important part of the strategic tasks is the formulation of an IT strategy.

IT management is the responsibility of the IT manager or CIO.

IT management consists of strategic and operational tasks.

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Which of the following statements about the acceptance of IT solutions are correct?

Informing customers or users regularly about changes to the IT solution can increase acceptance.

The acceptance of an IT solution can be measured by the number of users within a company.

As soon as a IT project is completed, the acceptance of the IT solution must be actively promoted.

The higher the acceptance of an IT solution, the greater the chance that a company can fully exploit the benefits of the solution.

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Which of the following elements are part of the Business Model Canvas?

Key IT systems

Key Partners

Key Activities

Key Resources