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Which rules for the design of an EPC (event-driven process chain) are correct?

After a function follows either an event or a connector.

Each function has one or more incoming and always more outgoing edges.

A connector can have several incoming links.

After an event follows either a function or a connector (exception: final event).

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Which statements to connect objects in BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) are correct?

Data Associations build the information flow within a pool.

Sequence Flow defines the order of processing between different pools.

Associations assign data, information and resources to elements.

Message Flow defines the information exchange between pools.

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Which statements about the EPC (event-driven process chain) are correct?

The EPC differs from other flowcharts because it shows not only activities but also states.

The appearance of a new state is called an event.

The EPC method is only suitable for displaying business processes without information systems.

The display of the sequence of tasks (functions) corresponds to the control view of a system.

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Which elements are used to build a view in the ARIS house?

Requirements specification / Data processing concept / Implementation

Requirements specification / Data protection concept / Implementation

Requirements specification / Data processing concept / information concept

Business concept / Data processing concept / Implementation

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The five maturity levels of processes are briefly called?

Situative / Executable / Defined / Articulated / Optimized

Situational / Repeatable / Defined / Controlled / Optimized

Situational / Repeatable / Defined / Articulated / Improved

Situational / Repeatable / Defined / Articulated / Optimized

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Which are the modeling elements of the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)?

Flow objects and events

Participants and data objects

Activities and operators

Organization charts

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Which perspectives are used to build the ARIS house?

Organization view / knowledge view / process view / functions view / resource view

Business View / information View / control View / functions View / product View

Organization view / data view / process view / functional view / product view

Organization view / data view / control view / functions view / resource view

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Assign the appropriate software quality terms to the question: Does the software meet the business requirements of the user?




User friendliness