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Reverse Thrust

Backing the airplane with use of reverse thrust is allowed?



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Flight Controls

The maximum altitude with flaps extended is?

18.000 ft

19.000 ft

20.000 ft

20.200 ft

22.000 ft

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Flight Controls

Large alternating control inputs (changes in pitch, yaw, roll) result in? 

structural failure


pilot induced oscillation

upset of the aircraft

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Flight Controls 

At which speed can structural failure occure due to large alternating flight control inputs?

max 250 kts

max 310 kts / .84


any speed

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Name indications of ICE CRYSTAL ICING! (5)

1. Flying above amber/red weather radar indications

2. TAT ~ 0° (EICAS)

3. Liquid water on the windshield at temperatures too cold for rain

4. A/T Disconnects

5. Abnormal Engine vibrations/indications


6. Smell of ozon/sulfur

7. Light/moderate turbulence

8. Static discharge on windshield

9. Humidity increase