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Aborted Engines Start L,R Memory Items

FUEL CONTROL Switch .........CUT OFF
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Aborted Engine Start L,R Condition (2)?

Manual Start: All abort conditions

Autostart: EGT rise but NO Oil pressure rise

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Unreliable airspeed Memory Items

1. Autopilot disengage switch ......... Push

2. A/T Arm switches (both)     .......... OFF

3. F/D Switches (both) ..................... OFF

4. Set the following gear up pitch attitude and thrust:

                 Flaps extended: 85% N1 and 10° pitch

                 Flaps retracted: 70% N1 and 4° pitch

                 In cruise: 82.5 N1 und 2.5° pitch

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[ ] Cabin Altitude (Memory Items)

1. Don oxygen masks

2. Establish crew communication

3. Monitor cabin altitude and rate

IF cabin altitude is uncontrollable:

PF: "Emergency descend!"

PM: Suppernumary oxygenswitch.....push and hold for 1 sec. 

Without delay descend to 10.000 ft or minimum safe altitude whichever is higher.

To descend: 

1. Altitude window

2. HDG Select (90° of Track)


4. Extend Speedbrakes

5. Thrustlever IDLE


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Dual Engine Fail/Stall (Memory items)

Engine Speed of both engines is below idle

1. Fuel Control Switches (both) ........ CUTOFF, then RUN

2. RAM AIR TURBINE switch ............ Push and Hold for 1 sec. 

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Engine Lim/Surge/Stall L,R

1. A/T ARM switch .............. OFF

2. Thrust lever .......... RETARD until engine indications stay within limits or thrust lever is at idle

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Engine indications are abnormal

Engine indications are quickly nearing or show an exceedence

Abnormal engine noises are heard, possibly with engine virbrations

There is no response to thrustlever movement or the response is abnormal

Flames in the Engine inletor exhaust are reported

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[ ] ENG AUTOSTART L, R (Memory Items)

1. FUEL CONTROL switch ........ CUT OFF