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What are the formal requrenments of a contract?

  1. If it is written - there must be a signature
  2. If the object of the contract is immovable a publig register must note the contract/transaction
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How must the interpretation of a contract be held?

Every party must act in good faith in excercise of its rights and the performance of its obligations

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What are the types of possible errors in a contract?

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  •  Mistake of fact
    • An original paintin turns out to be forgery
  •  Failure of expression - A disacord in what the party really meant to what it actually expressed
    • a typing mistake = 100.- instead of 1000.
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What are the general terms and conditions (GTC)?

  • Pre-formulated provisions used for an indefinite number of contracts that must be agreed upon before in order to conclude a contract.
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What are the Aspects of the Performance of the Obligations?

  • Place of performance
    • Usually in the contract
    • if not, at the resident of the creditor at the time of the performance
  • Time of performance
  • Costs of performance
    • Usually in the contract
  • Right to subcontract
  • Corporation Obligations
    • the customer must let the other contractor perform his/hers duty
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How can a breach of contract be detected?

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Non-performance or defective performance

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What are the two types of non-performance?

If the supplier is unable to deliver the goods on time

Performance impossible:
e.g. if the seller isn't allowed by law to ship the goods in the purchsers's country

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What are the two types of defective performance?

Defective Item:
Defective products

Non-observance of other obligations:
Supplier causes damage by providing the service
e.g. deletes data while installing something.