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What aspects include cooperation duties from side of the receiver of the work?

  • drafting of the specifications
  • appointment of a customer project manager
  • access (building, building lot, IT environment)
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What is a Mandate?

Here the work result is not seeked, however the performing agent must provide his services in a dilligent manner and use reasonalbe skills. We must pay the agent and refund acured expenses.

E.g. You expect from a doctor the required skills

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Why do contractors often seek a mandate instead of a contract for work and services?

The contractor tries to avoid the responsibility for the work results they produce. He is nonetheless responsible to work loyally and diligently.  

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What are the remedies in case of breach of a mandate?

  • Refund damage caused
  • Reduction of the fee
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How is the payment performed in a mandate?

By a fixes price or estimated by time and material used.

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How does the termination right apply in a mandate?

May be terminated at any time by either party because it is based on trustworthyness.
Any damages must be recompensated if the mandate is terminated in a unreasonable moment.

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What is Non-Disclosure?

  • Unilateral/bilateral confidentiality
  • Clauses covering any information/only information labelled as “confidential”
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What are liquidated damages?

It is a fixed amount to be paid in case of a breach of contract.