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- what are the judiciary's main tasks

- name the two lower instance courts most countries have

- The judiciary (court system) has to apply the law and make sure that the legislative and the executive of the state act according to the law

- District court, first instance court

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- What are the functions of the legislature

  • Representative government (Bundeshaus, Kremlin, etc.) =means that the people vote for political decision makers to pass the laws of the country
  • Most parliament are bi-cameral – two chambers


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What is the executive in a government

What is meant by the term "failed state"

- Representatives of State (Bundesräte) usually elected by parliament

- States where security/excecutive is ordered by military and police (Afghanistan, Somalia, etc.)


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What are the most important human rights, civil liberties of a civil democratic society

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Association
  • Liberty of Press
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What does the legal theroy "Natural Law" entail

Who is Thomas Hobbs?

  • natural law is a general rule, found out by reason, by which a man is forbidden to do that which is destructive of his life
  • This theory asserts that there are laws that are immanent in nature
  • Everyone recognizes what is just and fair
  • People often argue with the natural law against oppressive government
    • Mahatma Gandhi British colonial rulers

Thomas Hobbs:

  • a natural law practitioner, he set up 9 laws of nature
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What does the legal theory "legal positivism" imply?

How is it linked to "natural law"?


  • Laws are rules made, whether deliberately or unintentionally, by human beings
  • There is no connection between the validity conditions of law and ethics or morality. A law can be immoral and still be valid and enforced
  • A natural law jurisprudence would say that this law is legally deficient
  • An unjust law is no law in the eyes of a naturalist and so doesn’t need to be obeyed
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What subjects fall under Employment Law

- Administrative rulings

- precedents which address the legal right of, and restrictions on, working people and their organizations

- mediates aspects of the relationship between trade unions, employers and employees

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What defines a foreign employee

When is it not necessary to have a work permission in Switzerland

Describe the term relocation

- someone working and living outside their country of origin-->Cross-borders commuter and business trips are not foreign employee

- if a business trip doesn’t go longer then 8 day in a period of 90 days, no permit is required

- relocation= temporary transfer of employees to another job in same organization (relocation agreement = fixed terms and conditions)