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Special cases

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Karten 99
Sprache English
Kategorie Berufskunde
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Erstellt / Aktualisiert 14.10.2019 / 18.10.2019
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On take-off roll you realize that the door is not locked properly. You abort takeoff and lock the door. Thereafter you wish to taxi back on the runway to the takeoff position.

HB-LEU, stopping due to unlocked door HB-LEU, request backtrack and new departure

You ask Bern Arrival for an NDB approach followed by a touch and go and flight
to Basle.

Bern Arrival, HB-LEU, FL 80, information Y, request NDB Approach RWY 14 with touch and go and clearance to Basel

In Basle you would like to hold at ALTIK for two patterns and perform an ILS 16 approach via the 9 DME arc BLM. Request this on Basle Arrival.

Basel Arrival, HB-LEU, FL 70, information Y, request 2 holding patterns at ALTIK and afterwards an ILS approach RWY 16 via 9 DME Arc BLM oder Request 2 holding patterns at ALTIK followed by an ILS approach RWY 16 via the 9DME Arc BLM