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You are passing abeam GVA VOR, and you have the runway in sight. Ask for a visual approach.

Geneva Tower, HB-LOT, RWY in sight, request visual approach
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You are half way between Geneva and St. Prex VOR. Due to heavy weight and high oil temperature you can’t cross St. Prex at the required altitude given in your ATC route clearance. Inform ATC and ask to continue climb in VMC conditions.

Geneva Departure, HB-CCR, 4000ft, unable to cross St. Prex VOR at 7000ft due to weight and high oil temperature, request to continue climb in VMC
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You are able to obey later level restrictions on your further routing.
After LPS you receive a frequency change. On the new frequency ask immediately for lower level because you are entering a zone with moderate icing.

Swiss Radar, HB-CCR, FL120, request lower cruising level due to moderate icing
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If Basle Approach proposes another type of approach your flight instructor wants you to make an ILS approach.

Basel Approach, HB-CCR, FL 50, information Y, request ILS approach
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It is a foggy day in Zurich. For your approach you need an RVR of 600 meters. After entering RILAX holding you ask Zurich Arrival to give you the actual RVR.

Zurich Arrival, HB-GJH, FL60, information Y, request RVR
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Ask if the forecast is indicating an improvement.

HB-GJH, is there an improvement expected?
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You plan to divert to Basle. Ask for the pertinent values (ceiling and visibility) before requesting to fly to Basle

HB-GJH, request visibility and cloud base for Basel HB-GJH, diverting to Basel, request clearance
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Just after lift off the cabin door lock opens. Ask to return visually.

Zurich Tower, HB-GIA, request to return visually due to unlocked door