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Because you have no radio contact to your handling agent you ask the controller if he could be so kind to inform Jet Aviation Zurich (phone number 6 48 84) about this diversion, and that your passenger requests limousine service in Basle.

HB-GIL, request We are unable to contact our handling agent Jet Aviation Zurich, could you try to contact him?, phone number 6 48 84, inform about this diversion and request limousine service for Basel, HB-GIL
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On departure frequency you have to report that your gear cannot be retracted. Inform the controller that you are continuing, but in case you cannot solve the problem you plan to return to Zurich.

HB-LQZ, unable to retract landing gear, for the time we will continue our flight, if unable to solve the problem we will return to Zurich
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After a few minutes your gear is retracted.

HB-LQZ, landing gear retracted, we will continue to our destination
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If you have to expect a long approach delay in Stuttgart you proceed to your alternate Frankfurt.

HB-LQZ, how much delay do we have to expect? HB-LQZ, diverting to Frankfurt, request clearance
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Before departure you want to check the engines on full throttle. Inform the tower that you require about two minutes on the runway to do so.

HB-PPH, request 2 minutes on the RWY to check our engines
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On reaching your cruising level you are still in cloud and experiencing icing. You would like to climb to FL 210.

HB-PPH, request FL 210 due to icing
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During your approach to Bern you cannot see the runway at the minimum and have to go around. You would like to try once more.

HB-PPH, going around, no visual contact, request second approach
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The pressurization of your cabin is malfunctioning. Report to the departure controller that you have to interrupt climb at FL 80 and require a couple of minutes to check the problem.

HB-VNK, request to maintain FL80 to check cabin pressurization problems