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Inform Zurich Apron at first call that you want to go to ExecuJet parking.

Zurich Apron, HB-VJJ, taxiway X, request taxi to Execujet parking
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During initial climb out a small aircraft crosses rather close. Report it to the controller.

SAZ 302, for your information, we just had a near miss with a small aircraft
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After passing Sulz-VOR you receive an order from your operation centre to proceed to Geneva. Flight level 210 would be your preferred cruising level. Ask the controller for an appropriate clearance.

SAZ 302, diverting to Geneva due to operational reasons, request clearance and FL 210 for cruising
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When passing waypoint BADEP you ask the controller to give you the latest weather information and runway conditions for Geneva.

SAZ 302, request MET report and RWY report for Geneva
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There are a few stones on taxiway W2. Inform Apron about it.

HB-LSH, for your information, there are stones on taxiway W2
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A few miles after Kempten VOR ice is building up. You would like to descend to a lower cruising level.

HB-LSH, request lower cruising level due to icing
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Because of strong vibrations on one engine you have to shut it down. In order to make your planning you ask the controller to give you weather information for Friedrichshafen. You decide to divert there.

HB-LSH, we hade to shut down left engine due to strong vibrations, request MET report for Friedrichshafen HB-LSH, diverting to Friedrichshafen, request clearance
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The top of clouds is at 4000 ft and there is clear sky above.
After passing waypoint TELNO your passenger gives you the order to proceed
to Basle.

HB-GIL, diverting to Basel due to passenger request, request clearance