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After roll out you lock the door and you are ready to take off again. You would like to taxi back on the runway into take off position.

HB-GIA, ready for departure request backtrack
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In your pre-flight briefing you have seen that ATIS in Stuttgart is not working. Ask Langen Radar for the information you need.

Langen Radar, HB-GIA, FL 100, request terminal information for Stuttgart
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After passing 5000 feet you are entering clouds with icing conditions. Your climb rate is 300 feet per minute only and you report that your cruising speed will be reduced to 140 knots.
Ask for a lower cruising level.

Zurich Departure, OH-CGW, request lower cruising level due to icing, maximum climb rate 300ft/min (gesprochen: three hundred feet per minute), cruising speed
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On the NDB approach you have an unstable ADF indication between Schupberg and Muri NDB. Ask for a homing.

Bern Tower, OH-CGW, NDB approach RWY 14, request QDM due to unstable ADF indication
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When entering the runway, you see a thunderstorm north-east of the field. Ask for a right turn after departure.

HB-VJJ, request right turn after departure due to a thunderstorm north-east of the airport
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After passing DENEL you have a failure indication of a cabin pressure valve. Ask for a precautionary descent to FL 130.

HB-VJJ, FL 180, request descent to FL130 due to cabin pressurization failure indication
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You have a sick passenger on board. Ask Zurich Arrival to organize medical assistance.

HB-VJJ, request medical assistance for sick passenger after landing
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At two miles final you pass a strong wind shear. Report this fact to the Tower after landing.

HB-VJJ, for your information, strong wind shear at 2 miles final