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When a distal segment moves relative to a proximal segment what happens to the insertion point and the line of action of a muscle that connects the two segments?
The insertion point of the muscle which connects the two segments does not change. However, the line of action of the muscle line changes as the two segments move relative to one another.
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If the sign of the inter-segment force is positive does this mean that it is acting to pull the segments apart or push them together?
If the sign of the inter-segment force is positive then it means that it is acting to push the segments together.
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Why is the joint force generally much larger than the intersegment force?
The joint force is generally much larger than the inter-segment force because it includes muscle forces.
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Write down the definitions for the inter-segment force, the joint force, the muscle force, the bone-on-bone force and the ligament force.
The inter-segment force is the resultant of all the forces crossing the joint between two segments. The joint force is the force acting between two segments at the joint. The muscle force is the force produced by the muscles crossing the joint. The bone-on-bone force is the force acting between the bones that form a joint. The ligament force is the force carried by ligaments, joint capsules and muscles that are not contracting.
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What is the relationship between the net external joint moment and the net internal joint moment?
The net external joint moment is equal and opposite to the net internal joint moment.
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If in the previous worked example the magnitude of the mass attached to the pulley system has doubled how would the quadriceps moment change in order to maintain static equilibrium?
If the mass was doubled then the quadriceps moment would need to be doubled to maintain static equilibrium.
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What are the interacting filaments in sarcomeres called?
The interacting filaments in the sarcomeres are called the actin and myosin filaments or the thin and thick myofilaments.
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At approximately what muscle length is the maximum developed tension achieved?
The maximum active muscle tension is produced when the muscle length is approximately equal to the resting length of the muscle.