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Does windows have stack canaries?

Windows stack canarys:

  • Integrated in Visual Studio
  • /gs
  • Since Visual Studio 2002
  • Deployed in: XP SP2


  • GS v1 (2002)
  • GS v1.1 (2003)
  • GS v2 (2005)
  • GS v3 (2010)
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What is a windows SEH?

SEH Overview:

  • Structured Exception Handler
  • Located on the stack
  • To handle exceptions

Favorit target for Windows exploits for years

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What mitigations against SEH exploits did windows put in place?

Mitigation: SafeSEH

  • VS2003: /SafeSEH
  • Whitelist of safe exception hanglers

Mitigation: Dynamic SafeSEH

  • End of SEH list has a vidation frame
  • The complete SEH list has to be valid (*next)

Mitigation: SEHOP

  • Default active in Windows Server 2008, Vista SP2
  • SEH Overwrite Protection
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What is the the windows call convention?

Call convetntion:

  • "Stdcall" call convention
    • Caller pushes arguments
    • Callee pops arbuments (unlike linux!)

Can call Windows Library Functions

  • E.g: VirtualProtect()
  • Changes the permission of memory region
  • Can make it executable again (removing DEP)
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Windows ret2libc

Possible to chain library calls

Like ROP, just for function calls

Can defeat DEP (or be used for other things)

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What are the problems with windows ASLR?

Windows ASLR problems:

  • Not all binaries are compiled with relocation
  • Windows Vista: Relocation on Boot
    • Brut frocable
  • "... if the same library is loaded in mutliple processes, it will be at the same base address; so any library loaded in the renderer will be loaded at a known address in the brwoser process."
  • Not all libraries are compiled with relocation!
    • Adobe Flash
    • Adobe PDF
    • Java
    • Some Antivirus inject(ed) DLLs
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What are the windows HEAP protections?

  • Heap protections:
    • 2004: Safe unlinking
    • 2006: Vista heap hardening
    • Win8:
      • Additional Heap metadata structure improvements
      • Guard pages
      • Allocation order randomization
        • Makes HEAP massaging more difficult
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What is window EMET?

EMET = Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit

  • DEP
  • NullPage
  • HeapSpray
  • EAF, EAF+ (Export Address Filtering)
  • ASLR
  • ROP Caller check
  • Stack Pivot
  • ASR (Attack Surface Reduction)
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What are the pros and cons of EMET?


  • 0-Day Protection
  • Automatic configuration is OK
  • Protect every program which is handling untrusted data
    • All network services
    • Tools like PDF readers, Chat programs, Photoshop etc...


  • Download manualy
  • Not updated vie windows update
  • Not localized
  • Incompatiple programs will crash
  • It may confuse users