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Name some common user applications.

  • web browser
  • email client
  • office suite
  • file managers
  • media players
  • photo / piv vieweres/managers
  • social media apps, cloud sync/connect apps


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name some examples of professional applications that leave artifacts

  • financial software
  • company developted fat clients
  • scientific, engineering apps
  • industrial control apps
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what are some special intrest apps that leave traces?

  • bitcoin wallets and clients
  • file-sharing apps
  • TOR clients
  • hack/crack/exploit tools
  • malware binaries
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application forensic analysis involves the examination of what?

Application forensic analysis involves examination of:

  • installation date, last used
  • configuration, plugins, user preferences
  • log data, and audit trails
  • persistent data (cookies, cache, objects, recents [eg. recent files in word])
  • user activity over time
  • application data/content
  • additional application meta-data in data/content
  • abuse or misuse of an application
  • correlate timestamps with other times (logs,physical access logs, CCTV, etc)
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What are some charecteristics of application data files?

  • use open standards or proprietry formats
  • magic string (#!/bin/bash)
  • some files containers may be compressed or encrypted
  • dome files may have many nested files (emails with attachments)
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what does the linux file command do?

The linux file command is used to identify file formats

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What should you always do when viewing typical files (office documents, pictures, music, etc...) with a standard viewers?

Always use a write-blocker or read only image to prevent data being writen do the image by viewers.

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What are the problems when dealing with proprietary formats?

Proprietary formats:

  • need reverse engineering to access the file
  • pay for licenses to access the file 
  • use existing proprietary tools to extract data
  • commercial forensic tools are very good with proprietary data