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4. Discovering

Organizational Intusiveness: Active

Assumptions about Environment: Analyzable

Interpretation mode:

  • Active detection (systematic search)
  • Comprehensive understanding

Strategy formulation

  • Analyzer
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9.3 Critical Appraisal


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Significance of the Theory (3)

  • Introducing micro-mechanisms of how organizations enact their environments
  • Drawing attention to the role of top managers
  • Emphasis on the meaning aspects of organizations rather than "objective" facts
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Critique of Managerial and Organizational Cognition (3)

  • Difficulty of operationalizing key concepts (i.e. difficult to observe cognition)
  • Neglect of the important aspects of power
  • Unclear about the concept of organization
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Summary: Managerial and Organizational Cognition as Organization Theory

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Module 10: Critical Management Studies


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Important Representatives of Management Theory (6)

  • Hugh Willmott
  • Mats Alvesson
  • David Knights
  • Chris Grey
  • Glenn Morgan
  • Martin Parker
  • Andreas Scherer
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10.1 The Critical Approach (starting with the Frankfurt School)