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The flow of private foreign investment and grants and loans is included in a country`s

current account

capital account

cash account

None of the above

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Debt service payments appear in

the current account

the capital account

the cash account

errors and omissions

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A typical IMF (international monetary fund) package involves

erecting barriers against foreign investment

overvaluing the exchange rate

liberalization of exchange controls

all of the above

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The need for exchange controls may arise from

overvalued exchange rates

export promotion policies

a current account surplus

all of the above

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Which of the following was not a factor contributing to the debt crisis in Latin America?

The oil shocks

Trade liberalization in many developing countries

An increase in global interest rates

A lack of investment oppurtunities in the developed countries

All of the above

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Special Drawing Right are financial assets created by

the Wold Bank

the United Nations Development Program

multinational corporations

the International Monetary Fund

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Debt equity swaps may lead to

Increased foreign ownership

graeter domestic inflation

lower debt servicing requirements

all of the above

non of the above

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A signigicant problem of a dual exchange rate system is that it

is difficult to administer

leads companies to pursue rent-seeking behavior

promotes black markets

All of th above

None of the above