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Internet Security has two main parts, which?

Browser Security

Network Security

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What is the goal of browser/network security?

Establish rules and measures to use against attacks over the internet

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How is the predecessor of the internet called?


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What you should probably know about RFC 602

It was one of the first Secrutiy related RFCs.

Security Risks for the arpanet

 - unauthorized access, relating bad passwords

- TIP phone addresses to access arpanet (no auth needed)

- as access to systems is easy it's also easy to break them


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The Internet Worm from 1988

- affected around 6000 (10% of the internet) unix systems, bringing them down

- security awareness in the internet community raised immediately after this incident

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what means CERT and IETF

- Computer Emergency Response Team

- Internet Engineering Task Force

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One important part of a todays Security RFC

- Security Consideration Sections that discusses the security relevant part

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NSA PRISM what is it?

where does it have access?

- a surveillance and monitoring tool

- information on ISP servers and cloud services

- tap carrier and undersea fibers

- scans wireless

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What does IETF propose against PRISM (NSA)?

- encrypt wherever you can (applications, on network devices etc.)

- protocols should be designed to preservce confidentiality