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Because of digitization, the effect and pace of innovations increase, leading to a digital divide of business models (for example, asset builder vs. network orchestrator). Which leadership styles are useful in organizations with a high pace of innovation?

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What is an outcome of a successful "Renewal" phase of a digital transformation?

The development of a product backlog

The organization's legitimacy as a business leader

Confidence in the IT assets of the organization

Enough liquidity to acquire competitors

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According to the D-Suite enablers, which of the following is an organization enabler?

A design for the transformation project that focuses exclusively on the IT departments ideas

Performance incentives that are based on clear criteria

A staff that is strongly customer-focused

A CEO who is involved with the transformation project and emphasizes its priority

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What are "Relationship Enablers" according to the D-Suite enablers?

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Confidence in the organization's transformational capabilities

Diversity of thought

The unique corporate culture

Strong strategic digital vission in the organization's C-suite

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Which of the following are duties of the CIO?

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Guiding direction in a business environment predominantly influenced by technology

Acting as a technology and business consultant

Adopting new digital technologies as fast as possible to leverage the first mover advantage

Rethinking the leadership behavior of the CEO

Making technology work