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Which new business model is facilitated by Web 3.0?

Trading of products or services using computer networks

Sensors as a Service , in which sensors and the corresponding software for the operation are licensed on a subscription basis and hosted centrally by the sensor provider

Obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers

Funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the Internet

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How can an organization foster business model innovation?

(2 correct answers)

By reimagining supply chain dependencies

By rethinking value propositions

By reallocating financial obligations

By reconfiguring value delivery models

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Which of the following attributes must an enterprise value when moving towards a culture of transformation?

(2 correct answers)

Trust in regulatory mechanisms and the power of the market

Dependence on the local community for its success

Privacy and individualized services

Risk aversion

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Which leadership behaviors are required to successfully deal with ambidexterity?

(2 correct answers)

Generating alternative potential to be able to react more flexibly to changing environmental requrements

Establishing a "customer first" culture to ensure that all organizational functions prioritize the customer

Promoting the use of social media campaigns to increase brand recognition

Utilizing existing potential (such as resources, capabilities, relationships) in order to ensure efficient operations

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Which theories form the basis for transformational leadership?

Situative theories

Trait theories

Behavioral theories

Power/influence theories

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What are typical outcomes of transactional leadership behavior?

(2 correct answers)

There is a proper exchange of the needed resources (such as knowledge and skills) to provide the service.

There is a clear focus on long-term goals that transcends the short-term goals.

Followers of a transactional leader identify with the needs of the leader.

Followers of a transactional leader receive something they want in exchange for something the leader wants.

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Which of the following is an obstacle to governance of a digital transformation?

Lack of awareness about eemerging technologies

Coordination difficulties across business units or processes

Regulatory sanctions

Rethinking of the value proposition

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Which of the following statements describes the collaborator leadership style?

This style is less effective with employees and customers who want choice and participation.

This style empowers employees.

This style works better with employees and customers who want to at least understand the enterprise's strategic direction.

This style is at the heart of network companies where value is shared by the company and the network participants.

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Because of digitization, the effect and pace of innovations increase, leading to a digital divide of business models (for example, asset builder vs. network orchestrator). Which leadership styles are useful in organizations with a high pace of innovation?

(2 correct answers)





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What is an outcome of a successful "Renewal" phase of a digital transformation?

The development of a product backlog

The organization's legitimacy as a business leader

Confidence in the IT assets of the organization

Enough liquidity to acquire competitors

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According to the D-Suite enablers, which of the following is an organization enabler?

A design for the transformation project that focuses exclusively on the IT departments ideas

Performance incentives that are based on clear criteria

A staff that is strongly customer-focused

A CEO who is involved with the transformation project and emphasizes its priority

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What are "Relationship Enablers" according to the D-Suite enablers?

(2 correct answers)

Confidence in the organization's transformational capabilities

Diversity of thought

The unique corporate culture

Strong strategic digital vission in the organization's C-suite

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Which of the following are duties of the CIO?

(3 correct answers)

Guiding direction in a business environment predominantly influenced by technology

Acting as a technology and business consultant

Adopting new digital technologies as fast as possible to leverage the first mover advantage

Rethinking the leadership behavior of the CEO

Making technology work