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autonomy (n), autonomous (adj.) autonomously (adv.)
the ability or opportunity to make your own decisions without being controlled by anyone else: Teachers are given considerable individual autonomy.(=Autonomie, Selbständigkeit)
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foster (v), foster (adj.)
to help a skill, feeling, idea etc develop over a period of time [= encourage, promote]: Good managers structure work in such a way that creativity is fostered. (=fördern, begünstigen)
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pursue (v), pursue a career
to continue doing an activity or trying to achieve something over a long period: companies that pursue the traditional goal of profits (=Ziel, Idee verfolgen)
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originate (v), origin (n) original (adj.)
FORMAL: to come from a particular place or start in a particular situation: How did the plan originate? (=von etwas abstammen, seinen Ursprung haben )
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regardless of (prep.), regard (v) with regard to (prep. phrase)
without being affected or influenced by something: The law requires equal treatment for all, regardless of race, religion, or sex. (=ungeachtet. ohne Berücksichtigung von)
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share (n), market share (n)
the part of something that you own or are responsible for: The company increased its market share (=Anteil)
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allot (v), allotment (n) allotted (adj.)
to use a particular amount of time for something, or give a particular share of money, space etc to someone or something: Everyone who works for the company has been allotted 10 shares. (=zuteilen)
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flexi-time (n)
a system in which people work a particular number of hours each week or month, but can change the times at which they start and finish each day The company offers flexi-time. (=flexible Arbeitszeit, Gleitzeit)