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Who is responsible for clearly expressing Product Backlog Items? (1 Answer)

The Product Owner.

The Scrum Master, or the Scrum Master may have the Dev. Team do it.

The business analyst who represent the Product Owner in the Dev. Team.

The Scrum Master.

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A Scrum Master is introducing Scrum to a new Dev. Team. The Dev. Team has decided that a retrospective is unnecessary. What action should the Scrum Master take? (1 Answer)

Comply with the decision of the self-organizing team.

Begin facilitating productive and useful retrospectives.

Consult with the Product Owner to see how he/she feels about the situation.

Call ameeting between the Dev. Team and senior management.

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What is the role of management in Scrum? (1 Answer)

Management supports the Product Owner with insights and information into high value product and system capabilities. Management supports the Scrum Master to cause organizational change that fosters empiricism, self-organization, bottom-up intelligence...

To identify and remove people that aren't working hard enough.

To continually monitor staffing levels of the Dev. Team.

To monitor the Dev. Team productivity.

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The definition of "Done" is used to: (3 Answer)

Increase transparency.

Create a shared understandig of when work is complete.

Describe the purpose, objective and timebox of each Scrum event.

Describe the work that must be done before the Sprint can end.

Guide the Dev. Team on how many Product Backlog items to do in a Sprint.

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How often should Dev. Team mebership change? (1 Answer)

Every Sprint to promote shared learning.

Never, because it reduces productivity.

Just as it would on any Dev. Team, with no special allowance fo rchanges in productivity.

As needed, while taking into account a short term reduction in productivity.

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The Product Owner makes sure the team selects enough from the Product Backlog for a Sprint to satisfy the stakeholders.



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An abnormal termination of a Sprint is called when? (1 Answer)

When the Product Owner determines that it makes no sense to finish it.

When it is clear at the end of a Sprint that everything won't be finished.

When the Team feels that the work is too hard.

When Sales has an important opportunity.

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The Scrum Master observes the Product Owner struggling with ordering the Product Backlog. What would you consider an appropriate action for the Scrum Master to take? (1 Answer)

Suggest that the Dev. Team does the ordering to be sure that it is a feasible ordering work.

Suggest the Product Owner extend the Sprint, so he can have more time to order the Product Backlog.

Present the Product Owner with an ordered Product Backlog to use.

Encourage the Product Owner to work with the Dev. Team to see which items technically are fastest to implement.

Ofer the Product Owner help in ordering the Product Backlog from an understanding that the goal is to maximize value.