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Characteristics of lab experiment

  • Environment: Artificial
  • Control: High
  • Reactive Error: High
  • Demand Artifacts: High
  • Internal Validity: High
  • External Validity: Low
  • Time: Short
  • Number of Units: Small
  • Ease of implementation: High
  • Cost: Low
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Characteristics of a field expirment?

  • Environment: Realistic
  • Control: Low
  • Reactive Error: Low
  • Demand Artifacts: Low
  • Internal Validity: Low
  • External Validity: High
  • Time: Long
  • Number of Units: Large
  • Ease of implementation: Low
  • Cost: High
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When and why use comparative scales?

  • When you need to detect small differences between known stimulus objects (e.g., Pepsi and Coke).
  • When you want a scale that is easily understood and applied.
  • When you have fewer theoretical assumptions (e.g. about what all constitutes service quality, brand image, etc.).
  • When you want to reduce halo or carryover effects from one judgment to another
  • When respondent should make a trade-ˇoff (e.g. importance judgments)
  • When you have no need to generalize beyond the stimulus objects scaled.
  • When the ordinal nature of the data is sufficient for your planned data analysis.