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information social influence

conform, because group is competent, has the correct information
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Dissociative Amnesia

affects memory of traumatic event

unable to recall important personal information, forget autobiographical memories.

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Dissociative Fugue

condition might be underdiagnosed

wander away, experience confusion about identity

2 - 4 days

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outerbody experience

3rd person feelin, feel like in a fog/dream

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Dissociative Identity Disorder

2 or more personalities

memory gaps for time of another identity ("why is my room destroyed?")

95% sexually/physicall abused as a child


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Ingroup bias

discriminatory behavior prefering ingroup vs. outgroup


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self-fulfilling prophecies

our expectation of a group influence how we treat them. (Example with gay applicant for job)

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scapegoat theory

blaming outgroup, when ingroup experiences frustration/blocked from obtaining a goal.