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4500 words for describing people

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cardinal, central, secondary trait

cardinal: dominating entire personality

central: typicall use to describe ourselves

secondary: situation specific

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from 4500 of allport down to 172 traits

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Who am I?

Ideal self vs. real self 


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Rotter incomplete sentence

My mother ...

complete them as fast as possible

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Thematic apperception test (TAT)

8 - 12 ambiguous pictures

tell a story

story gives insight to person

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Rorschach-Inkblot test

trying to get things you are dealing with

Useing freuds defense mechanisms (Perception)

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Julian Rotter / Locus of Control

Internal Locus:

better grades, achieve more in carreer

My success direct results from my efforts


External Locus:

stuff is going to happen anyways

outcomes are beyond my reach

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what we think we can do

High: Goals are in my reach

Low: Tend to focus on failure

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Observational Learning

learning is vicarious

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Social-cognitive perspective


Reciprocal Determinism

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unconcious anxiety hamper growth

coping with problems:

moving towards people (needing affection)

moving against people (bullying, hurting)

moving away (isolated, adult loner)

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Collective Personality because of archetypes

sex =! primary motivator¨

personality develops in second half of life => children = less stable personality

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sex=! main motivator

personality through lifespan (8 different ones)

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inferiority = primary motivator

social stages instead of sexual ones

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Minimal Group Paradigm

Minimal conditions required for discrimination to occur between groups (Robber's Cave experiment)
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Prejudgement (negative) towards a group
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Negative action toward an individual as a result of one's membership in a particular group
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Informational influence

If situation ambiguous, we look at others for clues (=> Elevator experiment)
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Learning about positions of others strengthens/polarizes our own attitude
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Social Loafing

Less effort by a person working together with a group
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Conforming to a group, eventhough we don't believe something. (=> Asch experiment)
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Normative social influence

conform to feel good, to be accepted
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information social influence

conform, because group is competent, has the correct information
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Dissociative Amnesia

affects memory of traumatic event

unable to recall important personal information, forget autobiographical memories.

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Dissociative Fugue

condition might be underdiagnosed

wander away, experience confusion about identity

2 - 4 days

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outerbody experience

3rd person feelin, feel like in a fog/dream

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Dissociative Identity Disorder

2 or more personalities

memory gaps for time of another identity ("why is my room destroyed?")

95% sexually/physicall abused as a child


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Ingroup bias

discriminatory behavior prefering ingroup vs. outgroup


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self-fulfilling prophecies

our expectation of a group influence how we treat them. (Example with gay applicant for job)