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What is probability?

  • A quantitative measure of uncertainty
  • A measure of the strength of belief in the occurrence of an uncertain event
  • A measure of the degree of chance or likelihood of occurrence of an uncertain event
  • Measured by a number between 0 and 1 (or between 0% and 100%)
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What is set, empty set, universal set, compelement, intersection, union, mutually exclusive and partition in term of probability?

set: a collection of elements or objects of interest

empty set : a set containing no elements

universal set: a set containing all possible elements

complement (not): the compelement of A is Abar and is a set containing all elements of S not in A.

Intersection AND: a set containing all elements in both A and B AnB

Union( OR): a set containing all elements in A or B. AuB

Mutually exclusive: or disjoint set: Sets having no elements in commen, having no intersection, whose intersection is the empty set.

Partition: a collection of mutually exclusive sets which together include all possible elements, whose union is the universal set. AKA collectively exhaustive.

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What is an experiment?

  • Process that leads to one of several outcomes
  •  Each trial of an experiment has a single observed outcome
  • The precise outcome of a random experiment is unknown before a trial.
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What are events in probability?

Sample Space or Event Set: Set of all possible outcomes (universal set) for a given experiment. --> Roll a six-sided dice S={1,2,3,4,5,6}

Event: Collection of outcomes having a common characteristic. --> Even numbers  A = {2,4,6}.

Probability of an event: Sum of the probabilities of the outcomes of which it consits --> P(A) = P(2) + P84 + P(6)

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What are the basic rules of Probability (Basic and conditional probability)?

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When is an event statistically independent?

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What is the bayes theorem and for what is it used?

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Permutations and combinations, what formulas?

Order important:

  • replace = True = n^k
  • replace = false = n!/(n-k)!

Order not important:

  • replace =True = (n-1+k)!/(n-1)!k! --> not important
  • replace = false = (n k)