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give some examples why firms go international

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what are tangible resources?

Physical assets of an organisation such as plant, people, and finance

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give an example for intangible resources

Information, Reputation, knowledge

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what are competences?

skills and abilities which an organisation uses to deploy resources effectively - systems, procedures and ways of working

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What is the difference between general managers and functional managers?

General --> Head of complete unit (division). Responsible for unit's performance and relies on the managers in charge of each function

Functiuonal --> responsible for an area of work (either line manager or staff manager

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What's the difference between line managers and staff managers?

Line --> in charge of a function thaqt creates value directly by supllying products or services to customers.

Staff--> in charge of activities like finance, personnel, purchasing, legal etc. 

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what are management tasks?

planning, organising, leading and controlling

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what are the 3  ways to influence?

- the process of managing

- the task of managing

- shaping the context (office layout, reward system?