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What does the three Rs of recycling stand for? (3 R’s of Waste Minimization)




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Which factors influence the amount of waste produced?

Economic wealth

Municipal waste collection and management system

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In average, how many kg of Municipal solid waste are produced yearly pro capita?

477 kg/(ihn. x a)
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Which are the three phases of Life cycle analysis?

Goal and scope

Life cycle inventory

life cycle impact assessment

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Which are the main problems with plastic recycling?

Additives in plastics

Mixture of different plastics

Contaminated post-consumer plastics

Reduction in product quality: Macromolecule size reduction due to partial oxidation

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List the three main ways for the recycling of plastics

Energy recovery

Mechanical recycling

Feedstock recycling

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Name two disposal methods for hazardous waste.

Surface impoundments

Deep-well injection:

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In order to maximize recycling and recovery of materials from C&D waste, what should be made during the different demolition stages?

keep material separated

per-demolition and dismantling